Musila’s Bill Board is back in town


After the immediate removal of Senators bill board last week it has been replaced.

The new replaced bill board has changed the look of kitui town has it is placed at the “gate” of this town,”replied Joshua Mwova a business man in kalundu.

The area residents of Kalundu  were this bill board is placed has accused the kitui Governor Dr Julius Malombe for what they associated him with the act of pinning down the bill board raised by Magnet advertising company.

During a live interview with the Senator Musila after goons destroyed his bill board, he urged those in politics should do peaceful campaigns for the betterment of this county.
Those allied to Kitui Governor Malombe including top officials wondered with KO  how Kitui Senator secured that board outside Malombe’s bedrokm, Kitui. “What has Malombe been waiting for yet we advised him on this” He added a question.

The Kitui gubernatorial seat has brought tension not only in kitui nor south eastern Kenya region but in the whole country due to the high profile names of the three aspirants Hon Madam Charity Ngilu, Hon Senator David Musila and the incumbent Dr Julius Malombe.

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