Exposed:The real meat eaters of Kitui.


For those of you who have keenly followed Kitui politics since inception of devolution in 2013, I bet that you have seen Kyangwithya West trending on the social media but for the wrong reasons, sorry to say that.

For those not in the know, just sit back and relax as I take you to and through this famous and equally infamous locality whose inhabitants have over time earned the title of “The Kikuyus of Kitui”.

Kyangwithya West is one of the 40 wards of Kitui County. It borders Kitui Township, Mulango, Kyangwithywa East, Katulani and Kwa Vonza wards.

It is home to two gubernatorial candidates Julius Malombe (also the incumbent) and Charity Ngilu.

With the geographical aspects taken care of, you certainly are pondering why these people are the “Kikuyus of Kitui” and the real meat-eaters.

Here’s why. Kyangwithya West is home to the most senior Kitui county government officers besides producing some of the most selfish leaders best known for favouring their relatives, village mates and friends at the expense of other areas commonly referred to as Ndee (marginal areas) in the Kamba dialect.

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The vice dates back to the times of former Kitui Central MP Charity Ngilu, during whose tenure the area CDF kitty was manned and managed by her village mates the likes of Eunice, Kasiva and Bart (whose wife Ngilu nominated to the County Assembly) among others..

Noteworthy, Ms Eunice, a class three dropout used to be Ngilu’s housegirl but was overnight elevated to become the CDF chairperson, no wonder education wise the constituency performed dismally during Ngilu’s reign as handout culture took root.

Then came Governor Malombe who perfected the vice and ensured that most of his relatives landed all the plum county jobs and got awarded the most lucrative tenders as the rest of Kitui residents got to scramble for the leftovers.

In case you are still in doubt of this maladministration which our team took extreme effort and time to unearth, here is a breakdown of how all the plum jobs were shared amongst these Kikuyus of Kitui.

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1. Governor Julius Malombe – Kyangwithya West

2. Ag. County Secretary Alex Kimanzi – Kyangwithya West

3. Asst. County Secretary a Mr Mutua – Kyangwithya West

4. Chief of Staff Kiema Kimoli – Kyangwithya West

5. Chief Officer for LIUD (most powerful department) Shadrack Munyithya – Kyangwithya West

6. Chief Finance Officer June Munyao – Kyangwithya West

7. Chief Procurement Officer Joshua Munyaka – Kyangwithya West

8. County Public Service Board Chairperson Rose Kavata Masya – Kyangwithya West

9. Chief Protocol Officer Job Ngusu – Kyangwithya West

10. Internal Auditor General a Mr Musyoka – Kyangwithya West

11. Governor’s Chief Bodyguard Tish (Malombe’s nephew) – Kyangwithya West

12. Governor’s Rapporteur Mr Kivaa – Kyangwithya West

13. Governor’s Chauffeur (His Nephew) – Kyangwithya West

14. Governor’s two Personal Assistants David Musili (Kyangwithya East) and the other from Kyangwithya West

15. Malombe’s Reelection Campaign Manager Mr Mwania (husband to Pauline Mwania) – Kyangwithya West

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16. Key contractors (Tispo LTD) by Malombe Sons – Kyangwithya West

17. Kitui Town Administrator Nathan Vungo (Nephew to Malombe) – Kyangwithya West

18. Kitui Central Sub-County Administrator Joshua Nyamai Mutembei (Cousin to Malombe – Kyangwithya West

19. Basic Education and Vocational Skills Chief Officer Pauline Mwania – Kyangwithya West


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