MP Nyamai, Sub-County Commissioner clash in public over alleged corruption


Kitui Rural MP Charles Nyamai and Lower Yatta DCC David Ole Saruni today tore at each other in public over alleged misappropriation of CDF funds.

The two had a bitter exchange during the annual constituency education day held at Kiusyani ACK church grounds.

Trouble started when Mr Ole Saruni openly accused the legislator of failing to meet the expectations of the electorate and condoning embezzlement of public funds.

“There are many ghost projects in this constituency to which large sums of money have been allocated while some schools lack toilets,” claimed the provincial administrator adding that he was unhappy with the way Mr Nyamai was running the Constituency Development Fund.

But a visibly incensed Nyamai told the DCC to stop his witch-hunt and concentrate on his administrative duties.

“My people elected me to serve them and that’s exactly what I have done. They are happy with my track record because they have assured me of re-election in the oncoming elections.

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“You should therefore stop your baseless attacks on me and allow me to do my work without undue interference,” Nyamai told the DCC amid cheers from the congregants.

The two have not been seeing eye to eye since Saruni started attacking the MP over alleged massive graft in management of the CDF kitty but Nyamai has dismissed the accusations as intimidation attempts aimed at tainting his legacy.

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