Musila’s Independent Candidature is Inconsequential


It is grave clear that if elections were held today, Former PC Hon. David Musila would lose awfully.

Having lost the Wiper primaries against the incumbent, Governor Malombe and resigned without hesitate, it is crystal clear that Musila had no party interests at heart_ and all that drives him is a self-seeking agenda towards the search for the top county office.

The accusations that Hon Kalonzo had ill intentions about the party nominations in the county is another unfilled lie considering the fact that Kalonzo refrained from campaigning for any candidate in the region.

The election results were bright interesting especially in the MPs home turf! Dr. Malombe scored highly in the stations despite the MPs support for Musila. This is a pure inference that the MPs have no command of their regions’ vote.

It is therefore exciting that their declaration and oath to support the senator was infertile to the scope of losing party nominations.

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“The senator really regrets plunging himself into this vigorous campaign. He wishes he can rewind the clock and defend his senatorial seat” revealed one of the sitting MPs who sought anonymity.

“We have since then calculatedly went hibernating in fear of rejection by the electorate after the gubernatorial primaries”. He added.

In Kitui, the MPs in exception of Hon. Kitungi didn’t undergo the concluded April nominations. Their posing as the party’s favored candidates startled off competitors thereby relishing direct nominations in their areas.

The Mwingi West MP felt colossal dishonor by voters and served as a sparkling example of what is likely to ensue in the August polls.

From the Kiambu, Kitui, Nakuru and Machakos scenarios, one can justly presume that politics are taking a new turn and the electorate getting weary of authoritarian retrogressive leadership.

How Musila will win the August elections remains an ultimate show of the absurd!


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