Enemies of Democracy: Is Kalonzo imposing a loser on the people of Nuu


    Residents of Nuu Ward in Mwingi Central are an angry lot following undemocratic attempts by Wiper Party to impose on them an MCA candidate who lost in the April 24th primaries, it has emerged.

    The voters feel shortchanged after Ibrahim Musyoka “Musomu”, having floored the sitting MCA Kilonzi Maundu, was denied the Wiper ticket which has allegedly been awarded to Mr Maundu.

    It is largely rumoured that the party leadership has resorted to frustrating Mr Musyoki so as to have him give up the nomination and shelve his bid in favour of Maundu.

    “What baffles everybody most is the fact that Musyoki was announced the winner in broad daylight and eventually awarded the Wiper party notification letter but cards were changed under the table to declare Maundu the winner.

    “The case went to the Wiper NEB and he won, went to political parties tribunal court and he won yet again. Then they went to the high court where the ruling was also made in favour of Musyoki but he was still denied the nomination certificate,” lamented one of the local leaders.

    He attributed the unfortunate turn of events to an alleged mischievous plot by Wiper cartels keen on rewarding Maundu for his staunch loyalty to Kalonzo Musyoka and Dr Gideon Mulyungi.

    He unreservedly warned the party of sure rebellion from area residents if it tries to force the “infamous” Maundu down their throats and demanded that the ticket be withdrawn and give to the bona fide winner, Musomu.

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