Bizarre: Woman auctions owl, leaves people freaked


    Residents of Kitui Town were Monday treated to a rare and freakish incident after a woman attempted to auction an owl so as to feed her children.

    The unusual trade brought business at Kalundu Shopping Centre to a standstill for more than four hours.

    Unperturbed by the curious onlookers who had surrounded her, the “trader” spiritedly called for bids starting from Sh250 to the tune of Sh1,000.

    She said her children will starve to death unless someone volunteered to buy the bird which she claimed to have reared back at her home.

    But the “bidders” only placed bid to tease her as none could dare touch the owl leave alone purchase it.

    Owls, which are mostly solitary and nocturnal birds, are traditionally associated with symbolising death and as such greatly feared by people.

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