Shame as Jubilee’s Mwende Mwinzi insults aide on social media


Residents of Mwingi West were left in utter shock after area Jubilee Party’s parliamentary aspirant Mwende Mwinzi and her chief campaigner Mwele took their fight to social media with Mwende terming the latter an idler.

Trouble, it is alleged, started after Mwele formed a Whatsapp group portraying the politician as a failure, a move that did not please the aspirant the least prompting her into the public dress-down.

The group goes by the title “Jubilee failure in Mwingi West”.

Mwende, who had been added into the group, left immediately after posting the insult and was followed by two other members, seemingly her supporters, as per a screenshot which KO team came across.

The two are said to have fallen out after Mwele told Mwende she was losing touch with people and as such she needed to change her campaign strategy if she wished to clinch the seat currently held by Bernard Kitungi.

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