Devolution never benefited Makueni residents, Kibwana failed – David Masika

Makueni Gubernatorial candidate addressing media in

Makueni gubernatorial aspirant and real estate guru David Masika has accused Kivutha Kibwana’s administration of failing to initiate meaningful development in the county since devolution took root in 2013.

In a press interview at a Nairobi hotel, the New Democrats Party leader decried what he termed as dire poverty in the Lower Eastern county despite huge national budget allocations to the devolved unit.

He blamed Governor Kibwana of failure to lay down proper administrative foundations in the county saying the protracted fallout between the executive and the County Assembly brought Makueni government to the brink of dissolution.

“Everything was wrong right from the onset. The Governor failed to put his house in order. Everybody knows that the infighting led to instability and slow uptake of budget allocations thereby weighing down on development.

“No budget could be passed and as such no projects could be undertaken leaving the mwananchi to bear the consequences,” argued Masika.

He said it was unfortunate that the locals were still grappling with water scarcity, poor healthcare provision, food insecurity and dilapidated road network.

“The people of Makueni are yet to see or enjoy the fruits of devolution. Prof. Kibwana has simply failed them.

“He should be ashamed when traversing the poverty riddled county persuading the electorate to reelect him,” he added.

He wondered why or how the incumbent expected the locals to vote him into office again when he has nearly nothing to show for the over four years at the county helm.

Masika urged the people of Makueni to elect him in the forthcoming General Election “so that I can reverse the status quo and redeem Makueni from the depths of poverty and underdevelopment.”

“As outlined in my eight point manifesto, I will first of all streamline the county administration as I strive to ensure there is adequate water for all, sustainable food production, improved healthcare, and good roads to boost trade,” he affirmed.

He further revealed that much emphasis will be given to empowerment of the youth, women and people living with disabilities as well as giving monthly stipends to the elderly, arguing that the special groups were neglected by the current regime.

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