Opposition to blame for poverty in Ukambani

    Rose Mbithe Mulwa

    Sticking with the opposition has greatly contributed to covert marginalisation of Ukambani region by successive governments, according to Nairobi-based real estate mogul Rose Mbithe Mulwa.

    In an exclusive interview, Mrs Mulwa, says the ruling regimes have been reluctant to implement development projects in the opposition leaning region.

    “We are to blame for perennial poverty in our homeland. Makueni, Kitui and Machakos counties would be far in terms of socioeconomic growth if they worked with the government as opposed to against it.

    “You don’t expect to reap benefits from a government you neither voted for nor supported. Remaining in Opposition has and will continues costing the community development,” she said in her Nairobi office.

    Mrs Mulwa, who hails from Machakos County, urged Kambas to rally behind President Uhuru Kenyatta and to support his re-election bid come the August 8 General Election.

    “It is high time we shifted alliances for the sake of our people especially our youth who have remained jobless and held captive by drugs. Being in government means grant us bargaining power besides enabling us to sit at the high table where the national cake is divided,” she pointed out.

    She, however, argued that she was not against Kambas supporting their own son Kalonzo Musyoka who is NASA’s deputy presidential candidate, but her concern was that the community had been short-changed by getting a deputy position.

    “We have no presidential candidate from Ukambani and as such it is better to support the Jubilee government because it has been tested and found worthy. When Kalonzo declares bid for presidency we shall solidly rally behind him and give him a bloc vote,” she added.

    She also called for a peaceful electioneering to avoid a repeat of the 2007/2008 post-election violence which left the country devastated.

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