First Lady in rare campaign for Jubilee’s re-election, praises UhuRuto’s track record


First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, who is known to avoid politics like plague, yesterday shocked Kenyans after she publicly rooted for UhuRuto’s re-election come the August 8th General Election.

Mrs Kenyatta, while addressing women and their leaders from Kitui, Makueni and Machakos counties at Mutitu wa Ndooa centre in Kitui East, made rare comments heaping praise on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government which is fiercely fighting against a spirited dethronement bid by the opposition NASA.

She lauded the Jubilee administration for what she termed as impeccable transformation of the country and urged the citizenry to grant it another term at the helm so as to allow it more time to conclude its development agenda.

She commended the current regime’s momentum of growth arguing that the country can achieve its health targets including the elimination of infant and maternal deaths besides other major steps towards socioeconomic prosperity.

She said the revamped NHIF program has seen millions of women, men and children experience low cost or free quality health care.

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Mrs Kenyatta also revealed that Jubilee further seeks to cushion elderly women and men from old-age hardships via access to State pensions that will provide them with dignity and comfort.

“The Government has also pledged additional resources through the ‘Linda Mama’ program on top of fulfilling its promise of free access to maternal services beyond public health centres to reach more women in remote areas.

“But to achieve this you must give this government and I the opportunity to finish the work that we started,” the mother of the Beyond Zero Initiative beseeched the forum amid a hearty applause of approval.

Through her initiative, the First Lady has since 2013 been working hand in hand with Kenyan women and their leaders towards a future with zero birth-related deaths.

“As we began this journey over four years ago, I committed to ensure that no woman will suffer unnecessary death while giving birth and that no child shall die of preventable causes.

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“I made a promise to Kenyans that I would liaise with both the national and county governments besides the local communities to end maternal deaths. I have devoted all my energies towards eliminating this problem and improving the health of mothers and children,” she added.

“Today, I make another commitment to continue the journey that I started in 2013, because the work is not over yet. But only you can make that possible through making the right choices in the impending elections,” she concluded.

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