Kitui East residents demonstrate over poisonous waste, block road


    Residents of Kitui East have for the last four days blocked off the Kitui – Zombe road in protest of hazardous waste dumped in the area thereby paralysing transport.

    The residents yesterday staged peaceful demonstrations at Kiongwe hills and lit bonfires on the road impeding transportation of passengers and goods along the route.

    They want the county and national governments to swiftly ensure removal of the harmful substance suspected to be asbestos from the water catchment area.

    The locals now fear for their lives given the area in question feeds water to Thua River which is the only source of water for most residents of Kitui East and Kitui South.

    The aggrieved villagers say, in the month of March, unknown people persons dug pits on Kiongwe slopes and buried loads of the poisonous materials.

    Prolonged inhalation of asbestos fibres causes serious respiratory problems, lung cancer and eventually death.

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