Kitui MPs says proposed pay cut unfair


Kitui Central MP Makali Mulu has expressed objections to SRC’s resolve to reduce salaries for Members of Parliament besides scrapping their sitting allowances immediately after the General Election.

Speaking to press in Kitui Town, the legislator said the Salaries and Remuneration Commission overlooked several factors that weigh down on the salaries of lawmakers as opposed to other state officers.

“Though I fully support the proposed pay cut as it seeks to tame the ever ballooning wage bill, I feel SRC should have gone soft on MPs because our salaries do not belong to us alone but are shared with the electorate.

“I always have to pay medical bills for my electorate and foot burial expenses in my constituency among other monetary requests raised by my people,” he explained.

He said unless the government is completely empowers all Kenyans, MPs will have to bear the burden of providing basics for the mwananchi.

Mr Mulu urged the salaries agency to reconsider the salary and allowance package for the MPs so as to factor in their concerns.

He also termed scrapping of sitting allowances as discriminatory since other public servants, for instance Judicial Service commissioners, continue to earn fast sitting allowances on top of their salaries.

According to the planned pay reduction which cuts across board for all elected leaders and state officers, MPs will now earn Sh621,250 down from Sh710,000.

Announcing the new salary scheme on Monday, SRC chair Sara Serem also said sitting allowances and mileage reimbursement for the legislators will be removed forthwith.

“I therefore urge my fellow elected leaders to do the honourable thing and accept the planned salary cut for the sake of our country’s economy,” he added.

On his part, Kitui Rural parliamentary aspirant Ben Mwongela Muthukumi, expressed his readiness to serve the people of Kitui despite the salary range if elected into office.

“These recommendations will go a long way in guiding and ensuring the country channels more public funds to development,” he says.

He spoke Kanyangi shopping centre after meeting area elders who endorsed him to succeed Mr Nyamai in next month’s national polls.

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