Defining Moment: Malombe Key Supporter Decamps To “Winning Team”


Governor Julius Malombe must be a very stressed man after his ardent supporter and ex-mayor Patrick Makasi jumped ship to join his arch-rival Charity Ngilu.

Makasi is said to have made the unexpected decision after selling Malombe to the electorate proved to be a an uphill task since they have outrightly rejected his leadership.

Malombe’s sheer arrogance and neglect of his devoted campaigners was another reason that drove the former civic leader over the edge.

Political pundits in Kitui are of the opinion that the shifting alliances have resulted from Ngilu brightening fortunes in the gubernatorial race.

While receiving a warm welcome into Ngilu’s camp, Makasi also commended the Narc party leader for championing the rights of the Kituians when she held various political and ministerial offices.

“Everything is now in black and white that this is the winning team. I’m not ready to fight a battle of futility as I’m convinced that Madam Ngilu will clinch the seat come August 8th,” Mr Makasi added.

He said he will forthwith rally behind Mama Rainbow because “she’s driven by the desire to end the suffering of Kitui people unlike the power-hungry Dr Malombe and Senator David Musila.”

Charity Ngilu with his supporters, including Patrick Makasi
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