She has shielded Ngilu from political attacks…


Unknown to Mama Ngilu, the contingent of ardent Ngesa has resolutely shielded her from political attacks by her opponents’ stalwarts on the various social media platforms, making the former Land CS untouchable.

A spot check by KO has established that the digital onslaught led by one Madam FM Ngesa. Support from other Ngilu’s diehards like Izooh, Robert and Eng Eric Ngilu among others, has succeeded in placing Ngilu on the political centre stage besides throwing opposing camps into panic.

A keen investigation reveals that one FM Ngesa has been more than active individual in disseminating information including sharing photos and audio-visual content.

FM Ngesa, who is touted as Ngilu’s longtime loyalist and boon friend, has come out as very devoted in spreading the “MAMA SASA” gospel both on social media and across her Kitui East.

Mention her name in her home constituency and the response will be “ekana na usu ni wa Ngilu damu, atee Mama akomanya.”

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