Musila unveils helicopter for 2017 campaigns


Forget about huge fleet of branded vehicles used by Incumbent Kitui Governor, Dr Julius Makau Malombe and former lands CS Charity Ngilu, Bendera movement captain, Senator David Musila has unveiled a branded chopper.

This is one of his last card mission to ensure that he clinches the seat. The movement has acquired a newly branded chopper to aid in efficient and faster movement in this final lap to August polls.

Be it the ultimate political statement or political speed, the political ‘big boys’ are using choppers as their preferred means of transport.

This comes after Ombudsman alleged top county government officials are using county resources in political campaign. Kitui Governor is in this list where he’s alleged to have branded County vehicle.

Governor Malombe later rubbished the allegations and confirmed to the public that he has not used used a single resource for campaign purpose.

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