NYS project not a Jubilee campaign strategy, says CS


    Youth and Gender Affairs CS Sicily Kariuki has defended the ongoing rollout of the youth Empowerment programme against claims by opposition leaders that the initiative is a Jubilee’s campaign strategy.

    There has been claims by some politicians that its timing raises eyebrows given that the elections are Looming and Jubilee could be using to hoodwink Kenyan youth and women into voting for them.

    Speaking at chuluni centre in Kitui East where she officially launched the programme for the constituency Ms Kariuki termed the allegations as baseless and unfounded.

    She said the initiative was part of Socioeconomic initiatives by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government to uplift Kenyans, especially the jobless youths, economically.
    Area MP, Major Marcus Mutua Muluvi was conspicuously missing from the function meant to transform the lives if his constituents.

    It was alleged that he feared that association with the Jubilee Minister could paint him as a sympathizer of the ruling coalition and trigger political trouble as it happened to his Kitui west counterpart, Francis Nyenze

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