Malombe rains cash in last-minute vote-hunt


With just 10 days to the much-awaited General Election, allegations are rife that embattled Governor Julius Malombe has splashed close Sh500,000 to “vocal” government officials and opinion leaders in swing vote zones of Kitui County.

With campaigns entering the home stretch and gubernatorial candidates limbering up to the sprint, Kyuma has reportedly given the “financial boost” to his Chief Officers and instructed them to use it to “soften hearts of the electorate.”

Malombe, who is fighting tooth and nail to garner majority votes as he strives to defend his seat in the August 8th polls, has opened his vaults, splashing cash to his government officials perceived to influential.

According to the unconfirmed reports, the said cash dished out on Monday and Tuesday.

The million dollar question is: will the monies trickle down to the voter on the ground or line the pockets of a select few driven by greed?

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