Report shows Malombe, Musila, Ngilu unfit for leadership


All three candidates for Kitui County Governor are unsuitable for the top county job, according to a social vetting and audit report.

The survey was conducted by Community Aid International (CAI), a Kenyan NGO, in June and July this year to gather opinions held by the locals about the various politicians seeking assorted seats in the forthcoming General Election.

Led by a team of 11 panelists drawn from the local civil society, the advocacy agency engaged a representative 212 residents from across Kitui with a to assessing leadership eligibility of the candidates as well as enabling the electorate to make informed decisions on the polling day.

The report, which was yesterday released to the public at Kitui Multi-purpose Hall, showed that the residents will have to choose “the lesser evil” between incumbent Governor Julius Malombe, Senator David Musila and Narc’s Charity Ngilu come the August 8th polls.

Reading the findings, human rights activist Ndolo Kivelenge said failed the integrity test as none of them managed a score of 50 percent and above.

Ms Ngilu scored 45 percent, Malombe 42 percent while Musila came last with 41 percent.

“72 percent of the respondents strongly felt that the integrity of most of the candidates mentioned herein was questionable owing to their past track records both in private and public, while 78 percent raised concerns with their competence regarding academic qualifications and experience in public affairs.

“A majority of the respondents (67 percent) also expressed doubts about the humility of the candidates especially in terms of accessibility to the residents besides their willingness to listen and respond to issues of the electorate,” said Kivelenge.

Dr Malombe was accused of mismanaging public funds, disrespecting women, condoning alarming corruption among his officers, nepotism, intra-marginalisation, losing touch with the locals and awarding tenders to his cronies,” according to the report.

Ngilu, on the other hand, was alleged to have engaged in corrupt deals in all public offices she previously held, scuttling the multimillion Umaa Dam water project, fraudulent acquisition of public land, nepotism, engaging the youth in violent activities and mismanagement of taxpayers’ money.

The respondents accused Mr Musila of exercising impunity during his service as a provincial administrator, greed for power, grabbing public land, being too old for the post, dictatorial style of leadership and protecting corruption cartels.

Mr Kivelenge said the governor aspirants had been invited to participate in the forum and consequently clear their names but chose to keep off for reasons best known to them.

He, however, noted that the report was based on people’s opinions, perceptions, allegations or suspicions and therefore not conclusive or definitive.

“Some of the findings need further investigation to gather evidence to back them up for appropriate judicial action,” noted Mr Kivelenge.

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