Malombe’s wife and sons: the cartel that has milked Kitui dry


If there’s a family that has really reaped big out of Kitui’s billions then it is none other than Governor Malombe’s.

The governor’s wife Edith Mawia and sons have been alleged to use proxy companies to source multimillion contracts while real contractors scramble for the least lucrative ones.

Surprisingly, Kyuma must be aware of the practice which contravenes the public procurement act – 2015.

But he has feigned oblivion and looked the other way as his family continues to accumulate immense wealth at the expense of development hence the more reason to send him home come Tuesday 8th.

Reliable sources maintain that Malombe’s wife uses a company called Quality Care Limited which is owned by one Catherine Mutia, to secure “fat” contracts.

The proxy tenderpreneur is  alleged to be undertaking the multimillion perimeter fencing job at Kitui Teachers College.

On the other hand, Unconfirmed reports indicate that the said Malombe’s son and his proxy, Mr Mwanza received over Sh100 million upfront for the completion of Kitui General Hospital’s modern outpatient wing next to KMTC – Kitui campus.

The reports also have it that the same company is behind the cabros pedestrians walk being constructed from Kitui law court to AIC junction.

Second dossier coming soon.



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