Malombe: I won’t concede defeat


Embattled Governor Julius Malombe has threatened to reject and possibly petition against Charity Ngilu’s imminent win in the gubernatorial race over alleged electoral malpractices.

In a press release seen by KO, Malombe claimed that he has formally communicated to the IEBC cases of barring and ejection of his agents from various polling stations across the county.

He also alleged “massive voter bribery, intimidation and harassment of my supporters on the polling day as well as discrepancies in actual votes cast and those announced on the IEBC’s online portal.”

“I now await communication on the final and official tally corroborated through the proper documentation required by law after which I’ll collaboratively determine and pursue the appropriate course of action including but not limited to a physical recount of all ballots cast,”read the statement.

Ms Ngilu is so far leading with 162,768 votes, distantly followed by Senator David Musila with 108,635 votes and Malombe at a distant last position with 71,900 votes.

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