Kitui ambulance spotted ferrying furniture, residents not amused


Residents of Kitui Township now demand appropriate action be taken against county officers who were spotted using an ambulance to ferry furniture for a friend who was reportedly relocating.

The government vehicle, registration number 15CG 026A was sighted parked at unnamed estate near Kalundu Market as the driver offloaded assorted household items from it’s rear cabin.

Concerned and curious wananchi moved to where the ambulance was and demanded for an explanation from the man believed to be the driver only to be told off.

The driver turned hostile and demand that he be left alone to carry on with his “business”, as can be seen in a video clip which Kitui Online managed to get ahold of.

Further follow ups by this reporter with the relevant department established that no work ticket had been signed or the ambulance deployed for such an activity, amounting to unlawful use of government property.

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