Payback time: Malombe fronts candidates to elbow Ndotto out of speakers race


    As race for Kitui County Assembly speaker enters homestretch, allegations are rife that former Governor Julius Malombe has funded two candidates (“projects”) in a bid to bar pioneer Speaker George Ndotto from a successful reelection.

    It is claimed that Malombe, who largely blames his loss on Ndotto’s resolve to turn against him and support his arch rival David Musila, has declared Ndotto his foe and is on a passionate revenge mission.

    The embittered ex-county boss is said to have fronted one Kasyula and former Kitui Township MCA Ngoima to teach Ndotto a political lesson he’ll never forgot.

    Sources privy to the alleged plot have told KituiOnline that Malombe is employing all means possible to have Ndoto floored.

    “Malombe’s wife Edith is also lending a helping hand to her vengeful husband.

    “She is said to have given Ngoima Sh500,000 to campaign for the seat,” the sources intimated to KO on condition of anonymity.

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