Goodbye Oxen Ploughing: Ngilu Dispatches County Tractors To Till Farms


Governor Charity Ngilu on Thursday   launched the Kitui County Farm Ploughing Programme signalling a huge relief for farmers facing machinery problems across the vast county.

Speaking after the launch at Kanini Kavinya’s farm in Kyanika Village, Nzambani Ward in Kitui East, Ngilu affirmed her government commitment to end perennial food insecurity in Kitui.

“We will no longer use ploughs and oxen to till our farms. I will provide tractors and certified seeds to enable farmers grow more food,” said the Governor.

She flagged off seven tractors that would plough farms in Kitui South, Kitui West and Kitui East constituencies in preparation for the imminent rainy season.

The new county boss said more tractors would be send to other parts of the county in due time to assist the residents in tilling their farm.

Ms Ngilu as well urged the residents to support her ambitions to end hunger and dependence on food aid by planting more green grams rather than maize, beans and peas.

The initiative, she said, aims at empowering vulnerable farmers in Kitui with a view of boosting food production and making Kitui a food secure county.
Her Deputy Dr. Wathe Nzau said the journey to rid the county of hunger and dependence on food aid had begun in earnest


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