Ndotto Speaker’s bid crumbles as secret fat account exposed


A secret county assembly bank account holding millions of suspected looted funds is at the centre of concerted efforts to install aged Kanu era politician George Ndotto as Speaker against the will of majority MCAs.

Our investigations have revealed that the fat bank account is only known to three people, including Mr Ndotto, Clerk Elijah Mutambuki and Stanislaus Musyoka the Assembly chief finance officer. Mutambuki and Musyoka are the only signatories to the account.

The account is holding tens of millions of shillings whose purpose is to buy Ndotto’s way back as the head of the assembly through crafty yet illegal means.

Former MCAs and senior assembly staff are not aware of the account whose purpose remains a mystery because ordinarily the assembly’s budget is largely recurrent expenditure to pay members’ salaries and allowances, office tea, stationery, mileage claims, car fuel and maintenance.

Our probe, which would obviously interest officers from the Anti Corruption Commission, has revealed that the multi million account is directly linked to the political intrigues behind Ndotto’s candidacy. Ndotto and Mutambuki have vowed to use the ill gotten wealthy to bribe MCAs to do their bidding.

The past few weeks, Ndotto, 79, has spent millions in his desperate bid to retain his seat.

“The push to have Ndotto retain his seat is an effort to cover up questionable money transactions and possible financial impropriety at the assembly in the last five years,” disclosed our source.

Mutambuki is aid to be terrified by the possibility of a new speaker who might end up exposing his irredeemable corrupt ways.

But Mutambuki is not new to controversy and illegal dealings. While serving as town clerk in Mwingi, Mutambuki was adversely mentioned in connection to the torching of the magnificent Mwingi town hall in a clear case of evidence destruction to cover up theft of public funds.

When Mutambuki became assembly clerk, he brought to Kitui, Town Treasurer Musyoka and another relative of his Kitema now the cashier at the assembly, to help him carry out shoddy dealings unnoticed.

Mutambuki (Left) Miambani MCA Hon Alex Nganga during swearing in ceremony

The determination to shield Ndotto and help him get re-elected was manifest last week when Mutambuki connived with Ndotto to lock out John Makau, an aspirant for the position.

Makau was kept waiting for one hour outside Mutambuki until the 9am deadline elapsed as the clerk and Ndotto enjoyed copious amounts of tea and mandazi.

This triggered a night meeting of Mwingi leaders furious that Mutambuki was messing up their candidate. Mutambuki and Makau are both from Mwingi north.

However Makau got a relief in court where he obtained orders stopping the election.

Fully aware that there was High court orders stopping the election, Mutambuki who is used to nocturnal meetings woke up 5am and prepared the first assembly sitting whose first business was to elect the speaker, hoping by 9am Makau will not have served him with the orders. Spouses of MCAs elect were harassed by security guards and even denied access to the Kefri because Mutambuki and Ndotto feared one of them may be carrying the court orders

“By law, you can’t serve any orders to the clerk once inside the chambers. This seems to have been the duo’s evil plot to achieve their agenda,” observed a Kitui based lawyer.

The scheme to install Ndotto by Mutambuki crumbled shamelessly when Makau got wind of the scheme, and quickly obtained police escort and managed to access Kefri and served Mutambuki, with only five minutes remaining.
Ndotto’s rivals are young lawyer from Kitui south Bernard Kitindio, Benjamin Musyoki, John Makau, Samson Masila, Mumo Kisangau and Daniel Ngoima.



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