Concede And Move On: Malombe Ridiculed After Challenging Ngilu’s Win In Court


Deposed Kitui Governor Julius Malombe is at the center of social media jest after he moved to court seeking invalidation of Charity Ngilu’s election as the second county boss since Devolution onset in 2013.

A Facebook user by the user name Emma Mueni could not contain her disappointment in Malombe’s unexpected moved.

She went on to post her unreserved irritation on our page: “Aki Malombe nde nzoni….Asa!! Ai kyau ii??Nkt” (Malombe is really disgusting. Look what he’s doing now!).

Most social media users felt that Malombe was wasting his time as well as that of the Court and posing undue interference in service delivery to Kitui people.

One Kelvin Matheka says, “Hata kwa dawa hatukutaki, stop wasting your time.”

But as the trolling intensified, some threw a piece of advice to the pioneer governor.

Andy Munyoki: “Accept and move on!”

They were reacting to a an election petition which Malombe filed at the Kitui High Court on Thursday evening seeking annulment of Ngilu’s governorship.

The former county chief advanced claims of rigging and intimidation of his agents at the various polling stations across the county, especially in Kitui Central and Kitui East constituencies.

Interestingly, Malombe only managed a distant last position with just 74,681 votes, thereby losing his re-election bid in the hotly contested August 8th General Election.

Ngilu was declared the duly elected Governor after amassing a whooping 169,990 votes, followed by former Kitui Senator David Musila with 114,827 votes.

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