Revealed: How Kitui MCAs raped their conscience


It is said that money is the root cause of all evils – known and unknown. This adage was confirmed by unapologetically greedy members of Kitui County Assembly who Thursday 14th made a dubious history in the country.

While others assemblies are electing young, visionary and vibrant speakers, Kitui assembly insulted the voters.

It was clear that the MCAs, most of them first timers driven by allure of cheap money to buy vehicles and acquire concubines sold their coscience and dignity at the alter of tumbocracy!

Local observers say nothing much is expected in the Assembly in the next five years just as it happened in the previous House where lethargy and mediocrity was the order of the day.

“It is a sad day for Kitui people. The voter has been insulted beyond. The MCAs have clinically failed in their first role of representation” lamented Dismark Keli, a local analyst.

~ Source: whatsapp

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