Good News for Kitui county chickens


The Newcastle disease periodically results in the death of most indigenous chickens in Kitui County, and results in a serious loss of income. Although the disease can be easily controlled through vaccination, most farmers do not vaccinate because of lack of access to the vaccine.

Small-holder farmers in Kitui County have started to benefit from FIPS-Africa’s partnership with the Kitui County Government to vaccinate their chickens against the Newcastle disease. Over the last 4 months, 110 Village-based Vaccinators have been identified and trained, and they have vaccinated about 23,000 chickens against the Newcastle disease for farmers in their Villages.

This Village-based Vaccinator in Maaini village, Mulango ward in Kitui Central sub-County has so far vaccinated 1450 chickens belonging to 121 farmers.

Over the next 9 months, FIPS-Africa, together with the County Government, is planning to identify and train another 300 Vaccinators to cover all 40 Wards in Kitui County. This campaign will not only create self-employment opportunities for Vaccinators, but will enable farmers to benefit from increased chicken populations.

~ Farm Input Promotions Africa Ltd

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