Bearing The Cross: Malombe’s Chief Propagandists Goes Into Exile, Absconds Duty


Kitui county government officer attached to the ICT department, who doubled up as ex-Governor Julius Malombe’s diehard and chief propagandists, Geoffrey Mulwa Kaviti is nowhere to be seen.

The last time his friends saw him was a week to the August polls, in which his master lost “overwhelmingly” to Charity Ngilu.

Kaviti, who is popularly known as Jeff, reportedly took to hiding in fear of Governor Ngilu, whom she subjected to derogatory propaganda in attempts to blemish her bid for the coveted seat.

Blinded by the misguided belief that Malombe was invincible, Jeff incessantly sprayed abuses and unfounded criticism on Ngilu and anybody he thought to be Malombe’s political nemesis.

He, unprovoked and without a shred of restraint, posted all sorts of filth against Mrs Ngilu on all social media platforms especially on Whatsapp groups and his Facebook timeline.

Driven by the unmistakable ambition to impress his master, Jeff actively and openly engaged in Kitui gubernatorial politics in total contravention of the Public Service laws which prohibit government officers from overt political involvement or affiliation.

He undoubtedly had a perpetual penchant for trouble as he attacked everybody on social media, from waheshimiwas, colleagues to journalists and so on.

It’s also allegedly that Kaviti manufactured the pictorial, textual and audiovisual propaganda materials to promote Malombe’s re-election agenda and at the same time disparage his rivals Ngilu and Musila jointly with one Barrack Muli.

Both were said to have spearheaded the series of pro-Malombe political battles under the direction of outgoing Trade and ICT Chief Officer, Madam Gladys Kivoto.

In one notable and equally disturbing incident, Jeff openly mocked former Senator David Musila and “celebrated” his mother’s death while Baraka is on record calling one of Ngilu’s supporters a “Bootlicker.”

Barrack, who is popularly known as Baraka, has toned down his political activities but is stealthily coming back in the name of managing social media accounts for County Government of Kitui.

Other senior county government officials said to have played key role in Malombe’s propaganda team include ex-Chief of Staff Kimoli, Public Service Board chairperson Rose Masya, and outgoing County Secretary Alex Kimanzi.

Sources privy to dealings of the propaganda team, have intimated to KO that Ms Masya once called Mr Kimanzi and instructed him to have Baraka and Jeff transferred from their original departments to Kivoto’s office, from where they were to do their master’s dirty work.

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