Brazen Graft: County Officer Fueled Private Cars With Public Funds, Blamed It On His Juniors


Details of how a senior county government staffer used public funds to fuel his private cars to a tune of Sh80,000 before sacking his juniors to divert attention have emerged.

Reliable sources have intimated that Mr Japheth Muthengi, Secretary to the County Public Service Board, “cracked the whip” on Mulandi and Mutie in an effort to cover his tracks and have them take the fall.

Japheth allegedly tricked the duo into securing fuel for his car chargeable to the county administration’s recurrent expenditure account.

He reportedly fired them last Sunday after they failed to raise the Sh80,000 illegal expenditure he demanded in order to “let them off the hook.”

The two have, in a bid to save their heads, spilled the beans and revealed that Japheth hatched the scheme which saw his private cars “enjoy” regular and “free” fueling at RIVA (Kanda filling station).

It is also claimed that Governor Ngilu’s administration is looking into the matter with a view of unmasking the faces behind the corrupt dealing besides due prosecution of those found culpable.

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