Famers Reap Big as Kenya Red Cross and Kitui Government Partner


Plans are underway to offer at least 200,000 households seeds ahead of the anticipated rains in early October, Kenya Red cross Head of Disaster Risk Management Elijah Muimi has confirmed.
The seed distribution partnership between the County Government of Kitui and the Kenya Red Cross will see a noticeable improvement in farm produce come December this year.
Addressing members of the Red Cross and government officers of the County Ministry of Agriculture in Kitui on Friday September 2017, Governor Charity Ngilu said that Agriculture and wealth creation were two key planks in her development agenda towards eliminating poverty among Kitui people.

“My key agenda is to ensure food security; dealing with the basics is the best formula and foundation towards improving the livelihoods of our people”. She said.
The Governor further clarified that through her partnership with the Red Cross, 7 boreholes have been repaired to supply water and help curb the water shortage menace affecting many areas of the vast county.
“We appreciate all efforts from willing partners towards ensuring that our people get sufficient water. My government began the initiative on my inauguration day”. She said.
She called on Kitui people to embrace the legumes production and further identified green grams farming as the most viable in many parts of the dry county. In a projected scenario where each farmer harvests 2 bags of green grams, Kitui farmers will earn 0ver 3 billion shillings at the minimum prospects.
The Governor confirmed that the County Government has initiated use of farm tractors in farm preparations in different parts of the county as a way to help farmers embrace better farming methods and get higher harvests in the coming season.
“This is in line with the wealth creation and empowerment strategy as evident in my campaign manifesto”. She reiterated.

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