Jubilee’s Amendment Of Electoral Laws Is Pure Political Impunity, Says NASA MP


Mavoko MP Patrick Makau has accused the Jubilee government employing parliamentary impunity as well abusing the presidency to amend the Election Laws in favour of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The legislator expressed his concerns and that of many Kenyans in the ruling coalition’s keenness to bulldoze its selfish agenda though tyranny of numbers in the Parliament and the Senate in total disregard for the will of the citizenry.

“They know what they are up to is completely unconstitutional and driven by hunger for power but they all the same resorted to political impunity.

“They don’t care what their actions will plunge the country into but they must be cognizant of the fact that change is inevitable, it can be delayed but never denied,” opined Makau.

He also wondered why Uhuru has led the Jubilee leaders to unleash scathing attacks on the Supreme Court after his August 8th election was declared null and void owing to a myriad of electoral malpractices exposed through NASA’s petition.

“The same court that okayed Uhuru’s election in 2013 is the same court that nullified his re-election. Why can’t Jubilee administration stomach the court’s decision and cease its attacks on the judges?” he posed.

He spoke yesterday at the burial of Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu’s sister, Joyce Ndungwa Kitonga, at Kyaani, Machakos County.

Also present were political and elected leaders from Kitui, Makueni and Machakos counties.

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