A Kitui MP Donates His Salary to solve water problem.


    Kitui County’s youngest MP Hon Charles Nguna the member for Mwingi West has decided to forego his monthly salary to solve water problem that has continued to bedevil Kitui County since time in memorial.

    Nguna has decided to donate his salary following the biting water problems in his constituency.

    This comes at the backdrop of a heated National debate where members of the public are angry at some of the MPs who are demanding salary increments.

    Last Monday, the MP skipped the planned NASA demos to visit the said dams in Kiio area. Upon their eventual revival they will provide water to thousands of people and livestock in Mwingi West.

    The MP has requested the County government to move fast to mitigate water problems soon after funds are availed by the National Govt.

    ~Martin Kasing’a

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