Ngilu Angers Kitui After Appointing Foreigner To Head Treasury

Ms Mary Nguli - Kitui CECM, Finance

Governor Charity Ngilu has come under a scathing attack and bare-knuckled criticism by Kitui residents after she appointed an “outsider” to head the county’s most sensitive Finance docket.

The dissenting residents took to the various social media platforms to reject Ngilu’s nomination on Mary Ndunge Nguli, who was the immediate former Finance Minister for Kiambu County.

Besides, they criticized Ngilu for making what they unanimously termed as skewed and fishy appointment of a non-Kituian to be in charge of the county treasury.

The users, who are mostly Kitui professionals,accused the governor, whose tenure is hardly two months old, of harbouring a selfish agenda meant to channel Kitui’s wealth to Makueni, which is her birthplace.

“The Finance Ministry is a serious docket that needs no joke at all, I think Ngilu is up to something fishy,” posted a member of Kitui County Professionals Whatsapp group.

Most of them insisted that it beat sense why Ngilu plans to entrust the crucial ministry to a foreigner when Kitui boasts a hoard of more capable minds.

“Does it mean in Kitui we don’t have our own who can hold that docket really, we will not allow Makueni people to run our county,” said another Whatsapp user.

Though Ms Nguli might have vast financial management experience up her sleeve, her past as not been very rosy owing to her being adversely mentioned in connection with graft scandals in her past positions.

In 2014, Nguli narrowly survived an impeachment motion tabled against her in Kiambu County Assembly over alleged abuse of office and gross misconduct.

The public outcry erupted after Ngilu’s list of eight County Executive Committee (CEC) nominees for vetting and subsequent approval by the County Assembly went public.

All eyes are now on the County Assembly which the residents expect to safeguard their interest and uphold their will by rejecting Mrs Nguli’s nomination.

Our reliable sources within Kitui’s corridors of power have also revealed plans to have another Makueni native run the County’s PR and Communications docket.

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