Ngilu’s health team benchmarks in Makueni


On Friday Oct 6th Ngilu’s health team made a medical benchmark tour to Kibwana.

Kitui health team lead by Dr Mumo and Richard Muthoka is on a research mission on how Universal Healthcare operates. This comes at a time when Governor Ngilu is expected to launch Kitui Health Insurance.

Our good neighbours Kitui County are on a benchmarking tour to Makueni understanding the operationalization and management of the Universal Health Care.” Governor Kibwana posted on his Facebook account.

Makueni County under the leadership of prof Kivutha Kibwana was the first county to successfully launch Universal health care where each person pays KES 500 a year

My Government will ensure that health services are affordable. Each household will have to pay an annual fee of KES 1,000 only for the insurance card and my government will pay the rest, this will cater for all health needs.” Ngilu said at a earlier function in her office.

With this development Kitui is set to benefit from the project


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