For a free and fair elections Chiloba must go – Mbaki Mbaki


Yatta/Kwa Vonza MCA and Leader of minority Hon Mbaki Mbaki has added his voice on the need for Chiloba’s exit

“We, NASA team we will not participate in the repeat poll unless Chiloba is kicked out of office.” Mbaki Mbaki said

Addressing media, the minority leader insisted that the electoral commission CEO Ezra Chiloba and other officials who bungled presidential poll must resign ahead of 26th October Presidential polls.

Why is Jubilee in a hurry to amend election laws? President Uhuru will get 0% from Kambaland ,” said Mbaki Mbaki.

Mbaki’s sentiments were echoed by his party leader, H. E Charity Kaluki Ngilu who insisted that sweeping changes must be made to the commission.

Mbaki also urged his residents not to dive into politics and forget to attend to their farms.

We expect rain in two weeks and Our Governor, H. E Charity Kaluki will be issuing seeds on Monday 9th,October ” He added.

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