Close Shave: Kitui TTC’s Senior Staff Nearly Caught With Clande By Wife


A senior staff at Kitui teachers’ college was last week almost caught with his mpango wa kando after his wife visited without notice.

It’s alleged that the staff has been cohabiting with one of the tutors at the institution.

But his wife almost discovered his clandestine relationship after she arranged a surprise voyage from their rural home in the Great Rift to visit her sweetheart.

The lover boy almost jumped out of his skin when the wife called saying she had “landed” in Kitui Town, a few hundred meters from the college.

He swiftly helped his clande clear her belongings from his rental house before wife showed up but the side chick almost left evidence at the “crime scene” after she forgot a pantie and a shoe.

The desperate man, in near craze, quickly tossed them out the window and over the fence and breathed a sigh of relief as his wife showed at the doorstep.

A close shave that was. Phew!!!!

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