Malombe’s team Endorses Ngilu’s plan


    By Martin Masai 

    The Kitui cabinet has approved sweeping budget adjustments to allign with Governor Kaluki ngilu’s five pillar manifesto.

    The approvals are significant in that they trigger the approval of supplimentary budget by the county assembly to validate the changes.

    Mrs Ngilu chaired the cabinet meeting at LIUD Boardroom that was also attended by her deputy Dr. Wathe Nzau and a host of Chief Officers.

    This meeting and approvals dispel the murmurs from some leaders in Kitui that Governor Ngilu is not working with the current Cabinet because they were appointed by her predecessor. Unlike what has happened in other counties, Ngilu has maintained all her predecessor’s CEC and COs in office as she looks to fill the positions competitively.

    The key highlights of the cabinet approvals include
    support for purchase of tractors to support the farm mechanization program to make Ploughing a routine activity. It also will support purchase and distribution of certified seeds, emergency water program and rehabilitation of boreholes to deliver water to over 30,000 needy citizens.

    The specific approvals include Ksh.135m for seeds, Ksh.110m for purchase of tractors; Ksh120m for water programs; Ksh138m for health programs; and Ksh13m for boda boda capacity building among other budget items.

    The approvals mean that there will be more money to support the mobile clinics; purchase of drugs; purchase of special equipment for Kitui Level Five and Level Four hospitals, and resources to build the capacity of boda boda riders across the county.

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