Kitui MCA Slams Jubilee, Decries Marginalization


A Kitui MCA has condemned Jubilee’s constant regional discrimination in the four years of power in Kenya.

Addressing thousands of Kitui residents in Kwa Vonza town on Friday 13th October, Yatta Kwa Vonza MCA Hon. John Kisangau said that the current leadership had failed Kenyans and deserved no chance in the ‘October 26th election’.

The MCA accused Jubilee of failing to deliver equitably in key areas of development and continually upholding brown envelope politics at the expense of the local mwananchi and urged locals to support the NASA coalition.

‘Mbaki’ said it is shameful that Jubilee continues to hand pick Kenyans to state house for handouts at the expense of the Kenyan tax payers and urged Kenyans to reject the regime in the October Presidential poll.

“If they are good, they shouldn’t ferry Kenyans to Nairobi for bribery to seek support, I request you to reject Uhuruto completely”. He said.

He decried low government investment in important sectors, education for instance commenting on the low allocation of teachers in schools in the area where parents have to pay costs to ensure that PTA teachers are recruited.

He called upon Kenyans to turn out in large numbers and vote out the failed regime and lamented over Jubilee’s attacks on the Judiciary that appeared to express selfishness and autocracy.

The vocal leader added that the recent appointment of CECMs by Governor Ngilu was vigilant and qualified nominees were picked after successful interview by the Public Service Commission.

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