“Jubilee Can’t Deliver, won’t deliver’’ Says Ngilu


Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has amplified anti-Jubilee campaigns in efforts to remove the ruling regime in the disputed presidential poll.

Addressing mourners at Zombe in Kitui East on Monday 16th October, Ngilu said that Jubilee had failed to meet all the core campaign pledges nearly 5 years after assuming office.

“Kenyan voters have been taken for granted many years, Kenyans will always humble such leaders through the ballot” she said.

The Governor said that Kenyans were bitter with Jubilee for failing to steer the country forward and marginalizing the region for many years.

“Kenyans are very bitter with this regime, they’ve failed, and we should not waste time talking about a visionless leadership” Ngilu said.

Ngilu clarified that Raila and Kalonzo were not in the ballot and Kenyans had no obligation to participate in a sham election and called upon leaders to agitate calls to vote out Uhuruto.

The Governor applauded leaders in the county who had indicated support in development calls and added that they had a role to ensure change in the society.

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She promised to continue working with development partners as the counties face economic hitches citing the national government’s sluggish disbursement of funds to counties.

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