The Ndengu Revolution has so far reached 125,000 households


By Martin Masai

KITUI, October 17, 2017: By the end of Monday, October 16, 2017 the Ndengu Revolution had covered six of Kitui’s Eight constituencies and seen the distribution of 250,000 kilograms or 250 metric tonnes of certified green gram seed.

Kenya Red Cross Regional Coordinator Kioko Kiilu says the next phase of the revolution will see seed distribution in Mwingi North and Mwingi Central Constituencies.

According to the Kitui Director of Agriculture Francis Kitoo the distribution is retargeting farmers whose names may have been missed in the initial mapping to ensure that all eligible farmers are mobilised to the mass production of green gram.

The grain does well in Kitui’s arid conditions and if successful is billed to become a game changer to the lives of many Kitui farmers who are peasants

Over 200,000 thousand farmers are targeted to receive 2kg packet of seed. In the plan, the County Government partnership with the Kenya Red Cross aims at generating Ndengu worth Kes 3.6 billion if the targeted farmers produce at least two 90 kgs bags by the end of four months.

Kitui Governor Kaluki Ngilu is driving the Ndengu Revolution as an element of her five point manifesto of Food and Water, Health, Education and Youth Development, Women Empowerment and Wealth Creation and as a key objective of her first 100 days in office.

Kenya Red Cross delivered 88,500, being the first batch of the seed on Sunday and begun distribution in Kitui South on Monday, spreading it in Kitui East in a massive operation never seen in Kitui.  It spread to Kitui Central, Kitui Rural and this week it spread to Kitui West and Mwingi West where it is concluding today. It is estimated that 400,000 Kgs of seed will be distributed to farmers before the onset of the rains

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