Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai wants his office to identify and ‘punish’ Wards that voted against him in the August polls.


Through his official Facebook account the first time legislator asked Endau Malalani residents to seek assistance from the candidate they voted for.

His sentiments have not gone down well with locals with majority praying that his petition with kitute works against him so that they can teach him a political lesson in the repeat poll.

Malalani endau overwhelmingly supported supported mulaimu mavusyu who came third while his closest competitor was voted by chuluni and nzambani Wards.

If the legislator makes good his threats nzambani, chuluni, endau will be the most affected wards.

Mbai, a former police officer is not new to controversy as early September was recorded threatening to rape kitui governor charity Ngilu.

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