Activist Goes to Court seeking A fresh Presidential Poll


Saturday, October 28th: Activist Okiya Omtatah has visited the Supreme Court seeking interpretation on the just concluded Presidential poll.

The activist says that the poll is a sham citing the NASA candidate Raila Odinga’s withdrawal early in the month.

Omtatah says that the Kenya’s Constitution calls for fresh nominations in circumstances where a withdrawal or abandonment of a candidate occurs.

The controversial activist had filed a case in the Court seeking to stop the concluded poll but was dismissed just hours to the poll.

Addressing Kibra residents on Friday, October 27, Raila Odinga said that the Movement will announce the next measure on Monday, four days after the concluded poll.

Odinga told the CNN in an exclusive interview on Friday that his decision to withdraw was motivated by clear signs that the poll was pre-rigged and no reforms had been instituted by the electoral body.
The former Prime minister said that majority of Kenyans support his ambitions to redeem a country that he deems torn by a regime he terms as dictatorial and illegitimate.
Raila insisted that he will never relent in fighting for the common good and that Kenya must never succumb to dictatorship.


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