Sino Hydro fuel carels arrested in Mutomo


A suspected fuel cartel member was today arrested by Mutomo police with 3,335 liters of diesel worthy Sh. 266,000 from Sino Hydro company which is tarmacking kitui-kibwezi road.

According to kitui county commissioner cherutich Boaz,the police found 20 drums of diesel stored in drums and stashed in a warehouse in Mutomo town.

“We also suspected that the cartel members are working in cahoots with some employees the road construction firm but we will eventually get to the bottom of the scheme,” said Boaz

He is well issued a stern warning to individual s conducting the illegal fuel trade that they will face the full force of the law.

The county commissioner also added that, no one will be allowed to interfere with smooth running of the roadworks for the sake of selfish and criminal endeavors at the expense of development for kitui residents.

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