Governor Ngilu to lead Resistance in Kitui


Kitui county governor Charity Ngilu has vowed to spearhead any form of resistance initiated by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and all the National Resistance Movement leadership.

Speaking to her county residents via social media, governor Ngilu made it quite clear that she was no different from all the other leaders in the opposition and that she was not by any means happy with the Jubilee administration.

Governor Ngilu reminded her people to heed the call by Hon. Raila to resist goods and services from any Jubilee-sympathising organisations adding that she herself would switch from using Safaricom lines and any services offered by the Telecommunication company.

Is it now official that we change our Safaricom telephone lines to other providers? I will certainly be happy to do so. And there are many other services that we will for sure not need,” The governor said.

The governor justified her choice of affiliation, reminding her people of negligence by the Central government to its people especially in the Health Care provision which leaves it’s citizens vulnerable. She further noted that her government was more than devoted to the provision of better health care to the Kitui residence and that was why she had been out of touch with the opposition coalition, NASA, in the recent days.

Hi all good people. I have been out of action for a while but busy working on our universal healthcare which I hope we can start rolling out early in January. I am truly sick and tired of our people being detained in hospitals due to inability to pay hospital bills….” Ngilu posted on Social media.

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