Team Mafisi Is Finally Official!!


    Members of the famous species of Kenyan men with insatiable appetite for eye candies and prowess in the sack, popular as Team Mafisi, have finally gone official.

    The founder of the “organisation” Jaymo Ule Msee took the bold step and registered it as a foundation that will help fight HIV/AIDS besides spurring economic empowerment among Kenyan youth.

    Jaymo, whose real name is Wilson Murania on Friday received the certificate from NGOs coordination board chairman Fazul Mahamed.

    Jaymoh receiving registration certificate

    He said the group was in the process of creating a platform for members to share on matters HIV/AIDS besides engaging in socioeconomic empowerment programmes.

    “We will solicit donor support for members to fund empowerment projects targeting the youth and women.

    “Discussions centred on the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic will also take the center stage in bid to realize AIDS-free future generations,” he said.

    Jaymo also revealed plans to steer cohesion and nurture talent throughout the country.

    The group was initially created as a forum for people with an appetite for more than their spouses and partners could offer.

    Its main aim was to warn such men against targeting women in relationships.

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