No Dilly Dallying: Ngilu Road Minister Hits Ground Running


Freshly sworn in Minister for Land, Infrastructure and Urban Development (LIUD), Eng. Kakundi yesterday headed Governor Charity Ngilu’s order to new county executives to swiftly serve Kitui residents.

On his first day in office the minister inspected the ongoing grading of the dilapidated Mumoni – Wikililye road as instructed by Ngilu during his inauguration on Tuesday.

“Wikililye road is in a bad shape and LIUD minister should sleep over it,” said Ngilu as she gave Kakundi his first assignment.

The County Boss cautioned her ministers and other county government officers against indolence and bossy behaviour saying those found sleeping on the job will face the sack.

“There’s no time to waste. I need every officer to get down to work and deliver to the people of Kitui because we are duty bound,” she said.

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