Nunu Master caught red-handed feasting on someone’s wife

Business man caught with pants down.

In yet another dramatic incident in kitui, a member of Parliament from Mwingi was caught ravaging a married woman at kalundu in the dead of the night.
The husband who works in Nairobi returned home unexpectedly and found the law maker in his house.

The first time MP and the married woman pretended that they were on a serious night prayer vigil that was playing on an extended version.

The perturbed husband raised alarm attracting the attention of his neighbors in the estate.
The Angry  neighbours almost lynched the legislator, however, the two love birds paid the apartment’s watchman to mobilise goons who helped him flee.

The goons were later ordered by the controversial MP who has several cases pending in court to clobber the husband for embarrassing him.

Neighbours interviewed by kitui online said that the MP was a frequent visitor in the house with some arguing that they thought he was the woman’s father or elder brother.

The woman in question is a teacher in Kitui central.

Aware of the calendestine business of his wife the man lied to his wife that he was going to Nairobi but instead hid behind a thicket nearby and saw the MP arrive at his house at around 9pm.

He waited for three hours before snooping on the two who were at the time, engrossed in wild, unadulterated ‘night vigil

The MP who is believed to have been divorced by his wife for infidelity had earlier that day attended senator Enoch’s event at kabati.

Its not the first time the MP is being at the centre of sexual drama early last year he mistakenly sent a picture of nunu to a whatsapp forum.


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