ATWOLI: Raila Is Not your Age-mate, don’t dare joke with him


“I allow you to make every mistake but I disallow you from making a mistake of arresting, shooting, assassinating or detaining Raila.That will cause an explosion in this country, I guess worse than the one experienced in Rwanda.

Even If you don’t respect this man Raila then kindly try to pretend to do so.I quote mzee Nyayo saying ‘You can not threaten to arrest,detain ,assassinate or shoot this son of Jaramogi, I tried it but it did not change him or scare him(Raila) but when I always tried dialogue it worked’ says mzee Nyayo.

My advise to my son Kenyatta call Raila for talks .
Kenyatta be Warned Raila is an international icon,the whole world is watching all your steps. Stop stop !!! fighting back this man in front of international cameras using the police,its giving him international mileage ,which he keeps enjoying as long us you keep fighting him. Remember the perception the international community will have about you, is very dangerous for your regime.

As I conclude my Son Kenyatta for heavens sake leave Raila alone, this man has suffered alot to liberate this country, he was tortured, arrested, given assassination threats above all detained for all of us to enjoy the democracy we have today, kindly don’t take us back to Nyayo regime.

Finally stop giving him much attention, leave him to enjoy the freedom of speech, freedom of expression and assembly what he greatly fought for during the 2nd liberation. That is if at all you need to lead this country,for that matter peacefully.

Too much attention to this man who enjoys massive support for the low class will only reawaken a revolution.

I rest my case.”

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