Ngilu Reaches Out to the Clergy


Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu on Monday, November 26th extended concern to strengthening ties with the church in a bid to build a responsive, participatory and consensus oriented governance.

Addressing members of the clergy at the Agricultural Training Hall in Kitui town, the Governor said that the authority of true leadership lies within an effective, transparent and a consensus oriented leadership that is sensitive to the needs of the people.

The governor lamented the startling levels of poverty, roads and health standards in the county over 50 years of self-rule.

Ngilu noted that a large population of Kitui residents cannot make a dollar in a day and said that time had come to empower the population in a swift period.

She said that her leadership is committed to make a difference in the livelihoods of Kitui people through investing in viable ventures that will directly touch their lives.

The Governor expressed interest in strengthening ties with the church through frequent engagements to ensure a smooth running of affairs in the county.

“I called you today to know if we can walk together and change Kitui”. She said.

The Governor reiterated on the need to embrace a paradigm shift in service delivery and life transformation through a responsive and accountable approach of leadership that prioritizes the common man.

“Time has come to shift all focus to the common man, which is my primary agenda” she said.

She said that her government has achieved significant establishments in all sectors of development in less than 100 days in office and called upon all leaders to support her vision for the county.

Also present in the event, the former Primate of the Anglican Church of Kenya and Bishop of the Diocese of All Saints Cathedral Benjamin Nzimbi said that the clergy must take charge in leadership and pleaded that they support the Governor in pushing the county forward.

“The clergy must shift from oratory approach to real action, this is the beginning of true service delivery” He said.

Nzimbi said that the consultative meeting was a wakeup call to unite for common good and realize profitable milestones in development.

The meeting between the County administration and the clergy is part of the Governor’s goodwill to fortify positive relations between different stakeholders in the county

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