Governor Ngilu tours Makueni Fruit Plant.


    By Martin Masai

    Governor Ngilu of Kitui County, Charity Kaluki Ngilu paid a visit to Kalamba in Makueni where the fruit processing plant has been established.The main purpose of the visit was to inspect the progress of the processing plant which was one of the major projects launched by County Government of Makueni through the department of Urban Planning and Trade.

    The Fruit Processing Plant was launched early this year by Governor Kibwana.Major aim of establishment of the plant was to help the locals get a ready market for their fruits.Over the years, many fruit farmers in Ukambani have been counting huge losses as their fruits lacked a ready market.

    Upon her election on August eighth as Kitui Governor, Ngilu promised her people that she would open up new fruit factories to help Kitui farmers get market to their fruits. This would greatly boost the farmers earnings since different fruit varieties such as mangoes, oranges, passiin fruits, would be processed and blended into juice.
    Upon visiting the factory, Ngilu added that despite market Creation to farmers fruits the plant would also boost the county government earning as well as job creation for locals.

    It is estimated that the plant has processed over 30,135 litres of mango juice since its launch. Several companies that use fruit juices to to manufacture their products including Victoria Juices of Kenya, Tropical Brands of Africa ,Coca cola, Delmonte and Brava Food industries have been approached for talks about partnership with Makueni factory. This will help the plant get a wider market to its products.Other factories Governor Charity Ngilu is planning to introduce are leather tanning industry and a milk plant .

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